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Maximizing Remote Work Trends Through Managed IT Services in Dallas

A New Productive Infrastructure to Master

One issue that is defining solutions through managed IT services today is decentralized, or “remote”, infrastructure for businesses in Dallas. Basically, this saves people money and facilitates more productivity at a reduced cost; but there are some security issues to consider. We’ll cover these things in detail here.

Key Considerations

You’re likely going to save money going the remote route, and this can also position you for greater competitiveness. Since everybody is going “remote”, you might as well “swim with the tide”. Employees will be more plentiful and available. Consider these points:

  • Today, 3 Out of 10 U.S. Workers Are “Remote”
  • Remote Infrastructure is More Vulnerable to Cybercrime
  • The Associated Decentralization of Remote Infrastructure Conserves Resources

Today, 3 Out of 10 U.S. Workers Are “Remote”

When 30% of the workforce in the USA is remote, and that’s up from 25% in the previous adjacent years, that’s something to take note of. As of 2019, there were over 157,000,000 workers in the USA. That means there are over 50,000,000 remote workers presently. That’s a big number. That’s about 1 out of 7 people in the whole country. The trend grows. Getting involved now positions you for greater future success.

Remote Infrastructure is More Vulnerable to Cybercrime

Managed IT services in Dallas do offer this proviso: cybercrime is a bigger threat under remote or decentralized infrastructure. You’re likely operating off a DaaS (Desktop as a Service) productive array, which allows remote workers to consolidate resources in the same place digitally. However, they might not all use the same devices or Wi-Fi connections, opening up your network to cybercriminal parasites. Basically, a remote worker logs on, and a hacker piggybacks through an unsecured Wi-Fi signal. Be sure to secure remote infrastructure against such threats.

The Associated Decentralization of Remote Infrastructure Conserves Resources

Without the need for rented floor space in an office building, janitorial staff, parking solutions, or on-site equipment, your company saves tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Some companies are saving millions. Meanwhile, remote operatives on their own schedule tend to be more productive; so on that side of things, you’re looking at a win-win.

More Efficiently Managing Remote Infrastructure

Managed IT services in Dallas like Technagy can help you get the most from remote infrastructure. First, it’s a trend that’s on the increase, meaning this trend is one worth leaning into. Second, remote infrastructure is more vulnerable to cybercrime, meaning you want to work with tech pros to safeguard digital assets. Third, decentralized remote infrastructure is less expensive to manage generally, and can lead to greater productivity. Contact us to learn more.



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