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Data Protection Strategies and IT Support in Dallas

The best way to build a strong defense against cybercriminals is to work with IT support professionals in Dallas and implement appropriate data protection strategies. Cybercrime isn’t going away anytime soon, so every business must prepare to handle a cybersecurity breach. Here’s a look at essential ways to guard against ransomware and other cyber threats.

Be Aware of Cybercrime

Cybercriminals continue to figure out how to penetrate networks of large corporations. The Colonial Pipeline hack of 2021 temporarily cut off power to Americans on the East Coast. The lesson is that businesses of any size can be breached by cybercriminals. That’s why it’s wise to work with IT support experts in Dallas so that you can turn to cybersecurity experts when you need them.

A seasoned IT team that keeps up with the latest cybersecurity technology adds to a defense strategy that emphasizes multiple layers of protection. You should not just rely on anti-virus software, which is useful but not a bulletproof solution. The more layers of protection you add to your system, the less likely a hacker can suddenly disrupt your business.

Avoid Paying Ransom

A majority of businesses aren’t prepared for a ransomware attack, which is why they cave in to an attacker’s demands. A recent IBM survey of 600 business executives found that 70 percent of firms struck by ransomware have paid the ransom money. But law enforcement agencies warn to not pay attackers because it sends the wrong message. Companies that routinely back up their data won’t need to work with cybercriminals to get access to their resources again.

Steps to Improve Cybersecurity

An IT support team can advise your staff on proactive steps to protect your network and digital assets. Here are some of the basic steps to improve your cybersecurity:

  • Use multi-factor authentication: Passwords can be hacked with software, but using extra login factors makes the hacker’s job much more difficult.
  • Train your staff to spot phishing schemes: Employees can be vulnerable to attackers using fake identities, posing as a familiar trusted friend or popular brand.
  • Establish a data backup and recovery plan: Keep backups stored in multiple places.
  • Monitor your network: Using 24/7 monitoring software alerts you to suspicious activity on your network.
  • Update software: Staying current with software patches will reduce the risks of security flaws.


Every local business should consider having IT support in Dallas to complement a variety of other cybersecurity layers. The more you raise awareness among your staff about data protection, the safer your business will be since most breaches occur because of employee errors. Contact us at Technagy to learn more about how to make your network as safe as possible.



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