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Should You Upgrade to Windows 11? | Managed IT Services Dallas

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One of the advantages of working with managed IT services providers in Dallas is technical experts can help you with upgrading software. Many businesses have questions as to whether it’s best to upgrade to Windows 11 or just take more time to consider options. Here’s a look at how to resolve this dilemma with the help of an experienced outsourced IT team.

Reasons for Windows 11 Hesitancy

Windows has had a mixed history as the business world’s most popular operating system since the 1980s. While XP was a fairly reliable Windows version in the early 2000s, Vista was a sluggish disappointment in 2006. But its follow-up Window 7 returned to a more seamless experience. Then Windows 8 raised complaints that were resolved by Windows 10.

Business decision-makers are now wondering about the risks involved with upgrading its operating system, which can potentially disrupt a company. Another reason why many businesses have a “wait and see” policy on Windows 11 is because Microsoft has become unpredictable. The company announced in 2016 that Windows 10 would be the “last version of Windows ever.” Many managers remain unclear on what Microsoft meant by the announcement.

Preparing for the Expiration of Windows 10

Windows 10 is set to expire on October 14, 2025 as Microsoft plans its upgrade rollout for early 2022. Only certain PCs will be eligible to upgrade early to Windows 11. You can check the status of your computers on the Windows 11 compatibility page. While the cost of upgrading is affordable for most small businesses, the concern is how simple the transition will be.

Some businesses don’t need any reasons to upgrade, as they assume every new version is better than the last. Other companies do research to find out if the new software increases benefits and efficiency. Some of the new features of Windows 11 will be a cloud-based Start Menu and Microsoft 365 Teams software will be integrated into the OS. Teams provides file storage, chat, and videoconferencing capabilities. Another new feature is Snap Layouts, which allows for customized layouts of multiple virtual desktops.

Early adopters of new software can gain a competitive edge, but there’s also a chance the change will create confusion and lead to less productivity. The solution is to work with a managed IT services provider in Dallas that will assist you in deploying and maintaining new technology.


Some businesses fear Windows 11 will take too much time for employees to become familiar with the new operating system. Turning to a managed IT services provider in Dallas helps make the transition more smooth. Contact us at Technagy for more information on upgrading software and your overall business infrastructure.



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