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First Steps to Take in a Cyber Attack | Managed IT Services in Dallas

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What would you do if your business suddenly faced a serious cyberattack that unleashed volumes of confidential information? The first line of defense against today’s growing problems with cybercrime is ideally a team of experts who know how to identify and reduce the effects of an attack. Here’s a look at what a seasoned managed IT services team in Dallas can do for your business.

Develop a Response Plan

It’s best for your business to at least have a response plan in place in the event your network is attacked by hackers. This plan is necessary, since the average cost of a cyber breach now exceeds $4 million, according to Statista Research Department data published in 2022. With the right insurance and help from managed IT services in Dallas, the chances are reduced of financial collapse. Some businesses face heavy losses from lawsuits when confidential client information is compromised.

A typical response to a cyber-attack starts by referring to a pre-determined incident response plan (IRP) or a disaster recovery plan (DRP). Your firm should then prepare to respond, following the steps of your IRP or DRP. This step should identify the hardware and software used to mitigate the attack. The next step is for your IT team to detect and analyze suspicious activity on your network. From there your IT team should initiate containment strategies.

Protect Against Future Attacks

Your IT team should be on top of current and future cyber threats. Working with IT experts not only resolves network slowdowns quickly, but it can also provide quick answers to questions you have about reducing the chances of future cyberattacks. One of the most important ways an IT team can protect your data is to routinely make copies for you on backup servers. They can also advise your staff on how to spot phishing scams in emails, sent by hackers as traps for employees.

An experienced IT team provides multiple options to protect your data, such as using encryption and multi-factor authentication. They can further run audits on your system and oversee your data protection layers. Although no one can guarantee the prevention of an attack, a knowledgeable and skillful cybersecurity team helps make your data safer through data protection policies and monitoring.


The best way to protect your data is to work with managed IT services in Dallas. Our team helps you overcome technical issues quickly. Contact us here at Technagy for more information on modernizing your electronic networking technology.



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