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Reducing Password Autofill Risks with the Help of IT Services in Dallas

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Web browsers include a feature called “password autofill,” which is a convenient way for people to manage passwords instead of remembering them. It allows for usernames and passwords to be automatically stored in a web form. But be aware that hackers prey upon this feature as a way to tap into the user’s accounts. Here’s what you should know about the password autofill feature and why you should work with IT services in Dallas.

Why Password Autofill Presents Risks

The reason it’s risky to use password autofill is that hackers can easily access this information if your computer system doesn’t use strong data protection, or your browser isn’t configured appropriately. The feature fills in confidential information and you are potentially giving it to a hacker all in one place. A major goal of IT services in Dallas is to make cyber breaches more difficult for hackers, not more easy.

Sophisticated hackers understand how to deceive a browser or password manager into releasing confidential login information. The hacker can collect this information using an invisible form on a compromised web page. Your IT team can give you a list of tips on how to spot hackers and other suspicious activity through applications, web forms and email.

Tracking Users with Autofill

Another reason to avoid autofill features on a browser is that they can track your web browsing activity and make it available to aggressive digital marketers. In other words, there are multiple ways autofill can compromise your privacy without you realizing it. Autofill actually allows marketers to track consumers based on their usernames in hidden forms, then sold to advertisers. Such marketers may not intend harm to users, but in the process can expose usernames and passwords to hackers.

Browser Tips

You can improve browser security with the following tips:

  • Microsoft Edge: Settings > Profiles > Passwords > disable “Offer to save passwords”
  • Google Chrome: Settings > Autofill > disable “Offer to save passwords”
  • Firefox: Settings > Privacy & Security > Logins and Passwords > unclick “Autofill”
  • Safari: Preferences > Autofill > turn off features associated with usernames and passwords


Use these insights to protect your computer system and authentication information. Even though autofill provides convenience for users, it makes a hacker’s journey to your digital assets easier as well. Using the right configurations and working with experienced IT experts will make your operation safer against cyber criminals. Contact us here at Technagy for more information about getting quality IT services in Dallas to help meet your technology needs.



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