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How IT Support Providers in Dallas Can Help You Improve Your Passwords

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Passwords play a vital role in keeping accounts secure. Unfortunately, many users make the common mistake of using simple passwords due to convenience. These easy passwords can quickly be cracked by numerous software programs. Requiring your employees to create complex passwords is an important duty for IT support firms in Dallas and it’s always well worth it.

Here are a few tips from IT consultants in Dallas on how to create stronger passwords.

Avoid Using the Same Password

Many employees use the exact same password for numerous accounts. This creates a major security risk that isn’t worth taking. Using a password manager is an excellent choice in creating complex passwords for multiple accounts. You only need to know the master passcode, which is much easier than trying to remember passwords for several accounts.

Use Passphrases

Another way to boost security is to use passphrases instead of passwords. Passphrases combine numerous words and numbers, which makes them much more difficult to guess compared to a traditional password. These passphrases are often easier to remember for employees.

Change Your Password Every Few Months

Passwords will need to eventually be changed over time. IT support providers in Dallas will work with your company in creating a password policy. Some organizations require different passwords every month, while others wait a longer period. Either way, taking the time to change your password is well worth the effort in providing an extra layer of security.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

One of the best ways to boost security is to enable multi-factor authentication. Turning on this safeguard requires identity verification with a one-time code if you access your account from a new device. This added protection makes it much more challenging for hackers.

Learning tips on how to improve your passwords is key to cyber security. Advanced Networks offers the best IT security available. We are also happy to answer any questions and provide around-the-clock IT support in Dallas. Give Technagy a call today to learn more!



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