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IT Services in Dallas: Turn Your Staff Into a Human Firewall

IT services Dallas

Enlisting a professional IT services provider in Dallas to monitor IT externally and data security is a crucial step in mitigating the weakest link in your company’s cybersecurity – people. In most cases, cybersecurity breaches occur when malicious parties target your employees or staff.

Failure to factor in the human aspect and over-reliance on technology can expose your company to attacks leading to loss of intellectual property, revenue, and reputation. Fundamentally, developing a human firewall is a pivotal part of a holistic, long-term cybersecurity strategy.

The Challenge of Building an In-House Human Firewall

A human firewall is the human layer of protection created to combat your company’s cyber security threats. It is not limited to your IT team, a sole worker, or a set-and-forget methodology. It is an entirely different security chain that you must optimize and support as data security threats evolve constantly.

To develop a robust human firewall, you have to offer extensive education, training, and incentives to your employees. Cybersecurity awareness education must take place not only in the context of your core products and services but also in the specific roles of your employees.

An effective human firewall eclipses your IT team to include all staff, from executives to customer care agents. Developing an effective human firewall using in-house resources is daunting and costly.

The Role of Managed IT Services

Successfully implementing the security policies above requires a 24-hour IT security team, dedicated hardware, and software solutions to monitor and protect company data across all endpoints and secure remote customer and business data backup. The costs of handling all these crucial securities outlay in-house are prohibitive for most companies.

This is where the IT services provider in Dallas comes in. IT companies in Dallas have invested in the necessary hardware, analytic tools, monitoring software, forensic tools, skilled personnel, and remote data backup capabilities to implement an effective external human firewall on your behalf.

Overall, mitigating the human factor in cybersecurity is a challenge for many companies today. This is due to the cost prohibitions of in-house implementation. A recommendable practice is to outsource operations and expertise to bolster a solid cybersecurity strategy. Reach out to Technagy IT services team in Dallas to learn more about managed firewall services and how your business can stay protected.



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