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How to Choose the Right Team Communication Software for Your Business | Managed IT Services in Dallas

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Different businesses have different operational prerogatives. Virtually all require some sort of communications capability, but some solutions will be better than others for your business. Managed IT services professionals in Dallas can help you identify what you need, what’s available, and which option will best serve your interests.

Primary Direct Messaging Solutions

Two noteworthy communications platforms tend to dominate the market right now for internal and remote communications between company teams: “Slack” and “Teams”. The latter is a Microsoft solution, making it a default option for many businesses operating exclusively on Microsoft services; but there are situations where going with Slack would be better even for those businesses. Here, we’ll compare and contrast a few key features of either option:

Utility and Interface Considerations

Slack looks better and is easier to customize. Also, work channels through Slack allow for better separation of duties between departments. In contrast, Teams tries to bring everybody onto the same page. To that end, Teams has better in-app help, though Slack does feature an in-app chatbot.

With Teams, chat is more like a word processor as regards fonts, etc. Meanwhile, slack has better Zoom integration. Teams has its own videoconferencing solutions which could be more or less reliable if you’re dealing with partners who don’t have Teams, but do have Zoom. As regards notifications, Teams is inferior in the “do not disturb” category when compared to Slack.

Which Integrations Work Best

Managed IT services experts in Dallas often recommend Teams for integration owing to its easy implementation of SharePoint and OneDrive features. Slack is better for Google-rooted infrastructure of the same flavor. If you use Salesforce, Slack was purchased by them, so Slack is the better option.

In a nutshell, Slack is the option to choose for third-party apps; there are 2.4k to choose from via Slack, and only 700 through Teams. That said, either option allows for customization and integration. Slack has 935k+ customized apps.

Security, Cost, and Size

Slack and Teams are free, Teams gives you more space and data use capability. As regards security, both are in the same “ballpark” for protection overall, Slack isn’t quite as secure as Teams. Both encrypt data, through Enterprise Key Management, Slack allows you to create encryption keys for varying files or messages; so Slack is the winner in that area.

Choosing the Best Communications Integration Software for Your Business

Managed IT services professionals in Dallas can help you inform your choice when it comes down to Teams or Slack. For encryption and diverse implementation across platforms, Slack is desirable. Teams is better for storage, support, and Microsoft synchronization. Contact us at Technagy for a deeper dive into either option.



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