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IT Support in Dallas: Automation Solutions Help Mitigate Avoidable Employee Error

IT support Dallas

IT support in Dallas has a lot of value in a lot of different areas. One of the most important things that businesses experience through such services is a reduction in avoidable operational errors. Humans make mistakes, they do so predictably, and that will never change. Computers that can automate tasks reduce those mistakes.

Areas to Automate

Of course, not all areas of operations can be automated. However, the more optimization you’re able to facilitate, the better. There are common areas of many businesses that are well-served by increasingly capable automated solutions. Consider the following:

Automated Security Update Installation

Tech security is a moving target because technological advancement exponentially increases continually. Moore’s Law isn’t technically applicable in that miniaturization has come against the barrier of physics; however, faster computational operations continue to develop regardless; just look at quantum computing.

What is cutting edge this year will be antiquated in two years’ time. With such swift tech advancement comes increased threat of cybercrime, as digital criminality trails technological advancement. So you’ve always got to update security. Automating the process saves time, money, effort, and associated difficulty.

Monitoring Automation to Catch Anomalies Quicker

An IT support provider in Dallas can help reveal anomalous activity on your network as soon as it happens. The faster you can catch anomalous activity, the faster you can identify problematic situations that may involve hackers, safeguarding your data overall. Digital monitoring will always be quicker than human eyes can be owing to physical limitations.

Repetitive Task Reduction Helps Optimize Employee Productivity

When workers come into their cubicles, if you’re still not using remote infrastructure, they’ve got to initiate their computer “portal”. That can take fifteen minutes. Automated launch of software tools in a desktop array can save half that time.

That’s an extra 2.5 hours a week of productivity, or 130 hours over a 52-week work year. Cut ten hours off that for holidays, call it 120 hours, and for ten employees, you increase annual productivity by 1,200 hours–just through desktop software launch automation.

It’s worth it to sit down with IT staff, go over operations with a fine-toothed comb, and find any repetitive tasks that could be automated. Automating them will more than pay for the cost of identification and implementation–for most businesses, anyway.

Leveraging Automation Toward Enhanced Operations Overall

Our IT support team in Dallas can help your business initiate automated solutions through repetitive task reduction, monitoring solutions, and automated security updates. Altogether, optimization along these lines secures and enhances operations. Contact us at Technagy to learn more.



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