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Identify and Avoid MITM Attacks with the Help of IT Support Experts in Dallas

IT support DallasWhat Is an MITM Attack?

Having IT support in Dallas represents a great way of staying up-to-date on the latest tech attacks out there. MITM is growing prevalent. If you’re unfamiliar, MITM stands for “Man In The Middle”. Basically, this transpires when hackers insert themselves at an information bottleneck between users and websites. Oftentimes, this develops in the form of a fake website.

What to Look For

For example, you go to your bank’s website, click on a link to access your account. And instead of getting the proper sign-in information, you’re funneled to a secondary website run by a hacker that looks just the same. You put in your information, and your money is stolen. This is an attack of the MITM variety. To protect against it, you should know common MITM vectors, such as:

WiFi Monitoring

One thing many IT companies in Dallas will very likely advise is that you should carefully manage WiFi security. You should have encryptions applied here or you’re a sitting duck. Different attacks develop regularly, and if you’re not protected, hackers can make you a target, slip in through WiFi, and cause all kinds of trouble.

Email Address Impersonation

Email addresses that have passwords compromised allow hackers a vector to steal data or impersonate you. IT support experts in Dallas can assist you with password management and help you implement updated security methods. Consultation helps you iron out the specifics.

Spoofing of HTTPS Websites

You should be careful to watch out for spoofed HTTPS websites. “HTTPS” is supposed to indicate secure websites, but it doesn’t always. Hackers have figured tricks out to exploit this security designation.

Safeguarding Yourself and Your Company from MITM Attacks

Our IT support experts in Dallas at Technagy can help you iron out methods of WiFi security, email security, and website security. This may require education or the introduction of new policies; it differs per business. Consultation is key. To learn more, contact us.



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