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Managed IT Services in Dallas, Network Cabling, and Your Business

managed IT services DallasOne of the challenges managed IT services providers in Dallas face involves diverse businesses requiring reliable network outcomes. Cabling a given network can be a real challenge. If the job isn’t done right, data transmission suffers. Many factors come into play here, we’ll explore some of them in this writing.

Cable Categories

There’s more than one type of cable used in a given network. Primarily, you’ll find cabling families fall under three categories:

  • STP or UTP (Shielded/Unshielded Twisted Pair Cables)
  • Coaxial Cables
  • Fiber Optic Cables

These types of cables are organized into network design “categories”. These are organized numerically from category 3 up to category 7. They are abbreviated Cat3 – Cat7. Designs involve associated bandwidth and involved complexity.

Expanded industry requirements mean shifts in cable designations toward greater data efficiency. While there are a number of different categories to choose from, primarily, you’ll find they fall under the following categories:

  • Fiber Optics
  • Cat7
  • Cat6
  • Cat5e

Fiber Optics

Managed IT services professionals in Dallas recommend the fiber optic option if you’re contending with long-distance data transfer. Cabling distance can be as much as 24 miles. This is a preferred option for many businesses, especially owing to protection from varying “noise” or other influences.


Cat7 cabling utilizes TPC for speed and reliability that reduces unwanted factors’ impact on data transmission, especially where high quotients of data must be transferred. Bandwidth of Cat7 cabling is 600 MHZ (Megahertz). The larger the business, the greater the likelihood Cat7 cabling is best.


This is the “middle of the road” option, if you will, for business needs. You’ll see less capability than Cat7, but more capability than Cat5e. This cabling option functions at 250 MHZ, and can span greater distances than Cat5e.


Cat5e is like an upgrade on Cat5. This upgrade became necessary to match the endless onward march of technology. It’s usually less expensive than other options on this list, but has reduced bandwidth at 100 MHZ. While it’s an improvement over Cat5, it’s going to be an option more appropriate for businesses that haven’t started expanding rapidly.

Appropriate Cabling for Your Business

Working with managed IT services professionals in Dallas can be very important in helping businesses most effectively install cabling. Cat5e is an upgrade over Cat5, and seems to be a common feature of smaller businesses. Those that grow favor Cat6, larger operations do well with Cat7, and fiber optic cabling is ideal for long-distance needs. Cat5e to Cat7 range in bandwidth from 100 MHZ to 600 MHZ. Cat3 and up have diminished bandwidth. For more information on cabling, and which options will best serve your business, contact us at Technagy.



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