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Key Protection Protocols Against Email Fraud | IT Support in Dallas

IT support DallasYou need to incorporate the latest in email security, owing to how clever hackers use email to sneak into businesses and steal from them. Sometimes theft involves resources, other times it involves information. Regardless, IT support providers in Dallas can help you retain operational security.

The Top Three Things to Watch Out For in Email Fraud

Managed IT services experts in Dallas advise training to help employees know what to watch out for as regards email fraud. Three things they’re likely going to encounter in the present environment will be covered here.

1. Spoofing

IT support professionals in Dallas advise you watch out for spoofing, where fraudsters “spoof” either the IP address or header of an email so those who receive it believe that it is as represented. Because so much communication happens via email, this represents a key vector toward manipulation. Instead of creating some fake email that almost looks legitimate–like a generic version of a popular soft drink–spoofing lets on to be the “primary” version of the email. It’s a mask, and you need to know what that mask looks like. Protocols help you avoid spoofing, as spoofers don’t know internal policies.

2. Common Phishing Attacks

Phishing is when spoofers, cybercriminals, or other hackers try to “phish” for employees by sending out fraudulent emails that request certain items of financial or other information. Phishers can spoof, phishers might use other means as well. Again, protocols help reduce instances of phishing, as do email protection protocols.

3. MiTM Attacks Utilizing “Bait and Switch” Techniques

Watch out for “Man in The Middle” attacks, or MiTM. Consultation with MSPs can provide more insight. Essentially, MiTM attacks happen when hackers sit back, watching communications internally, waiting for an opportunity to jump in using spoofing or phishing techniques. Then they trick employees into rendering proprietary or other sensitive information. Basically, they’ll design digital “bait” based on internal communications, then switch things up to match their own directives.

These are some of the most common email hacks out there. However, there are others. To learn more and remain secure as new methods of cybercrime develop, contact us at Technagy. Our IT support team in Dallas is ready to take care of your business’s cybersecurity.



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