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Ways to Manage Your Email Inbox, and Why You Need IT Services in Dallas

IT services DallasEmail is something IT services in Dallas can help improve in terms of providing guidance on how to be more productive. It’s something that demands the attention of employees while at the same time can slow down work activity. Here’s a look at ways to take control of email so that it isn’t using up too much time to complete other work.

Controlling Flow of Email Into Your Inbox

The first step in taking control of your email is to use a spam filter to restrict the flow of spam to your inbox. Reducing the number of emails you send out will potentially reduce the number you receive, although it won’t reduce marketing spam. The way to get rid of unwanted emails is to “unsubscribe” to them whether you recall signing up for them or not.

Sorting through emails can take longer than expected unless you develop a system for checking prioritized emails and resolving small requests immediately. In some cases, you can respond with other media such as text messaging if it helps speed up the process.

Your IT services team in Dallas should advise your employees which emails to avoid that ask for suspicious requests. If you are having a hard time deciding which email newsletters to cut from the clutter, consider ones you never read to be unnecessary.

It’s typical for employees to go through priority email and save the rest for later – even if later never comes. That’s how emails inevitably stack up. So it’s helpful to periodically determine which regular irrelevant emails need to be halted due to insufficient time to read them. This step can cause lost opportunities, but it can also speed up productivity.

Set an Email Schedule

Since email can be a mix of opportunities buried in time-wasting clutter, it helps to devote a certain time each day to at least scan email titles to know what the most important messages are in real time. These are the messages that may require an immediate response. The rest – all the emails that can wait until later – should also have a time frame for reading. Setting time limits on email activity is the key to keeping the process from becoming time-wasting.

If you still have problems with endless useless emails, talk with your IT team about tighter spam protection. A major reason why businesses outsource to IT firms is to reduce waste and improve productivity with technological solutions.


Working with an experienced IT services provider in Dallas is a reliable way to ensure workplace efficiency. Contact us at Technagy for more information on how to increase productivity and maximize technology. We can help you enjoy a more seamless business experience in the cloud.



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