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Manage Institutional Data Loss More Efficiently with IT Support Services in Dallas

IT support Dallas

Choosing IT support services in Dallas is an important consideration for your data protection. Many Texas companies outsource IT experts to tap into state-of-the-art technology and vast knowledge of data protection strategies.

Here’s a list of what the best IT services in Dallas do for local businesses:

1. Report Stolen Equipment to Authorities

If your physical place of business in Dallas is penetrated by burglars, your IT support team will advise you to immediately notify the local police. The IT people will provide more direct support if your network, data or devices are compromised. File a police report and provide as many details as possible about the burglary, such as time, location and a description of the suspect caught on camera. Keep a copy of the report for your own records, which will help with an insurance claim.

2. Cancel Compromised Credit Cards Immediately

When company card information falls into the wrong hands, it’s best to cancel the card immediately. These days stolen data via hacking is more common than stolen or missing credit cards. So, if your credit card data is hacked, it’s important to notify your credit card provider of the incident and start a new card. The provider can then monitor activity on the old card to help authorities catch the criminal.

3. Notify the Device Manufacturer

The manufacturer of a device that’s stolen may be able to help locate and disable the device remotely via RFID tracking. This capability is crucial to block institutional data from leaking. You may have to consider wiping all the data if it appears you won’t get the device back. Another option is to sign out of the device remotely so the thief cannot access the data. Make sure you have a record of the device’s serial number, so you can register it with the police as stolen.

4. Change Passwords Periodically

Whether your network has been compromised by cybercriminals or not, it’s a good idea to change your account passwords once in a while. The hackers that get what they want typically are persistent until they get it. Changing your passwords puts speed bumps in the path of the hacker.

5. Get Expert IT Assistance

Ideally, IT support companies in Dallas are handled by seasoned professionals who have helped resolve countless cybersecurity issues for businesses. Contact us at Technagy for more information on making your network more secure with modern cybersecurity solutions. Our team cares about building a strong reputation with companies seeking the best data protection.



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