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Using Managed IT Services in Dallas to Prepare for the Next Disaster

managed IT services Dallas

The pandemic caught many businesses off guard in terms of being prepared for a public health crisis. Most companies didn’t have remote work in place to provide social distancing, but many learned to adapt quickly. Firms that outsourced managed IT services in Dallas gained several advantages that helped make remote work and teleconferencing go more smoothly. Here’s what you should know to prepare for the next big disaster.

Why Companies Must Prepare for Disaster

Every business needs a disaster recovery plan, especially those that rely on digital assets. The best way to protect your data and devices in Dallas is with the help of seasoned companies that offer managed IT services. IT experts can resolve technical issues quickly, often remotely, so that your downtime is minimal. They can also recommend solutions to improve your network performance and cybersecurity after auditing it.

Since the next disaster may require social distancing again, it’s important to make sure your company is prepared to offer work-at-home opportunities for employees on the computer. Keep in mind, the more remote devices populate your network, the stronger cybersecurity layers you need. Your IT team can make sure your network is safe by setting policies and tracking connection activity. A strong cybersecurity system sends alerts to your IT team when cyber threats surface.

Dealing with Increased Cyberthreats

Another major problem with the pandemic was that it led cybercriminals to take advantage of businesses that weren’t well protected against hacking. Many businesses saw an increase in cyber threats as their operations became vulnerable to shutdowns mandated by state and local governments. Due to the hysteria over the coronavirus, companies that forgot about cybersecurity issues faced higher risks.

Most ransomware and malware that penetrates businesses are a result of employees not recognizing phishing scams. A study by business researcher Deloitte found that 47 percent of individuals fall for these scams in which hackers use fake emails to pose as trusted brands.

IT support experts can train your staff how to watch out for these tricks, in which the imposter uses a familiar URL, except with one subtle hard-to-notice character change. The team can also suggest and implement various other data protective measures, such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, and 24/7 network monitoring.

Strengthen Your Network

Since no one can predict the next pandemic or disasters of any kind, it’s helpful to work with managed IT services in Dallas to protect your data. Contact us at Technagy for more information on how we can make your business network resilient. We will let you learn more about modern digital solutions, to help your operations resume when disaster strikes.



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