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Managed IT Services in Dallas Can Help Diagnose End User Device Issues

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What to Do if Your Computer is Making a Weird Noise

Managed IT services in Dallas can diagnose and repair many tech issues with end-user devices. In this writing, we’ll look at something called a “coil whine” specifically.

The Coil Whine

A coil whine is when you start to hear a high-pitched sound from your computer, and it won’t turn on. This is actually more normal than you may realize. It tends to happen when too much power goes through electrical components that are a bit sensitive, or electromagnetic coils in your device become subject to notable levels of vibration. Here’s what you do:

  • Replace Damaged Components
  • Update Software to Alter Inductor Coil Frequencies
  • See if There Are Any Loose Connections Affecting the Power
  • Reduce Frame Rates to Correct Graphic Card Issues

Replace Damaged Components

If you can determine which components are broken, damaged, or otherwise malfunctioning, you might fix the problem as simple as replacing them. An MSP can help you examine a device and determine if this is a possible fix.

Update Software to Alter Inductor Coil Frequencies

Managed IT services in Dallas can apply software updates that may change frequencies influencing inductor coils. This may only be a temporary fix, or it could be permanent. Again, tech pros help you determine if this will work for you or not. In the meantime, it can be a good temporary measure.

See if There Are Any Loose Connections Affecting the Power

Loose connections can affect how power is distributed in a given device. This could be the cause of the whine. Go through your device carefully. Check where power comes into the device and open up the tower of the computer to determine if there are any areas where wires may be loose.

Reduce Frame Rates to Correct Graphic Card Issues

Sometimes the coil issue you’re experiencing is related to a graphic card problem that can be corrected if you reduce frame rates, subsequently lessening the demand on your device. When you ask more of your computer, often this requires an increase in electricity usage, which will exacerbate issues with varying components of a given machine. Check with an MSP to see if this possibility will help fix the issue.

Handling Coil Issues and More Through the Right MSP

Managed IT services in Dallas like Technagy can help you diagnose varying issues with end-user devices, among them the whine which typically develops from a coil issue. Fixes include reduced frame rates, correcting loose connections, software updates, or component replacement. Contact us for more information and repair tips for common issues impacting end-user devices.



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