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Testing VPN Leaks with the Help of IT Services in Dallas

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One of the main reasons businesses use virtual private networks (VPNs) is to protect the privacy of your sensitive data. A VPN encrypts data while connecting devices with remote servers. Not even your internet service provider (ISP) can track your online activity when you connect through a VPM.

Here’s what to know about how IT services in Dallas can test for and fix VPN leaks.

What are VPN Leaks?

The IP address of a device that connects with a VPN should indicate the location of the VPN server, which masks the device’s actual IP address. If the actual IP address is exposed, it’s called a “VPN leak.” The quickest and most seamless way to handle these leaks is to seek help from seasoned companies in Dallas offering IT services.

Here are the three main types of VPN leaks:

  • IP – Every device that connects to the internet has an Internet Protocol address, which links with online searches. A device’s IP address can be tracked in various ways including with clicks. A VPN keeps your IP address private through masking, whereas IP leaks can otherwise be tracked by your ISP.
  • DNS – Domain Name Systems servers translate website requests into IP numbers. The system essentially correlates website names with IP addresses that are otherwise too hard for most people to remember. Without a VPN, your ISP can track your DNS request activity.
  • WebRTC – Web Real-Time Communication is a technology that facilitates communication between web browsers. WebRTC leaks may involve your browser exposing your IP address.

How Your IT Team Resolves VPN Leaks

Your IT support team can run tests on IP address security for devices that access your network. A quick way to find out a connected computer’s IP address is to go to Google and ask: “what’s my IP address?” If you are on a VPN, it should display the VPN’s IP address.

While the steps to fixing IP, DNS and WebRTC leaks are relatively simple, checking a multitude of devices can be a time-consuming and redundant task. A reputable third-party group of IT experts can test multiple devices for leaks with a focus on accuracy.


Businesses turn to VPNs to avoid being tracked by outsiders, yet VPN leaks may still occur. The best way to guard against any type of data leak is to outsource quality IT services in Dallas. Contact us here at Technagy for more information on how we can help protect your data.



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