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How Managed IT Services in Dallas Help Avoid Common Cybersecurity Mistakes

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One of the best reasons to outsource managed IT services in Dallas is to tap into diverse expertise on cybersecurity and other technology. Unfortunately, many businesses learn the hard way about cybersecurity breaches by not taking proactive steps.

Here are common cybersecurity mistakes that businesses still make.

Mistake #1: Lack of Cybersecurity Training

Without cybersecurity training, a staff member could fall into the common trap of “employee error” as the cause of a cybersecurity breach. If you allow your staff to use email on your computer network, it’s crucial to train them in cybersecurity.

You should not assume that everyone already knows about cybersecurity and how to protect digital resources. By partnering with experienced managed IT services in Dallas, you’ll get insights from cybersecurity experts on the best ways to protect your system.

Mistake #2: Failing to Back Up Critical Data

Backing up critical data is essential to avoid the problems of lost data or getting hijacked by a ransomware attacker. If you don’t regularly back up important data, all it takes is one breach for you to start the business over again from scratch. Backing up data should be regarded as a priority rather than a tedious annoyance. It helps to hire a third-party IT team that handles data backups.

Mistake #3: Relying on One Cybersecurity Solution

At one time businesses got by with just antivirus software for data protection. But as hackers became more advanced over time, antivirus software became more of the first line of defense in a series of multiple data protection layers. The key to data protection is you need to digitally build brick walls around brick walls. The multilayer cybersecurity approach includes firewalls, encryption, 24/7 data monitoring software and blockchain.

Mistake #4: No Preparation for Disaster

Every business needs a disaster recovery plan that determines what to do in an emergency. It may involve switching to a backup server or a remote location. Without this type of plan in place, a team can become confused and frustrated. It’s important not to panic, which makes a disaster worse. A well-tested back-up plan to maintain business continuity helps make an operation more resilient.


Cybersecurity errors can be costly, especially if your business overlooks essential ways to protect your digital assets. Contact us at Technagy to learn more about how our managed IT services in Dallas can strengthen your cybersecurity. We can handle a wide range of technology issues while you focus on running your business.



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