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Working With IT Services in Dallas to Fill the Gap of a Retired Tech Administrator

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Dealing With the Loss

Whether a tech administrator at your business leaves of their own accord, to retire or for reasons of disgruntlement, IT services in Dallas help you fill the gap. Leaders in tech at your company fulfill a vital role, but few of them will last throughout the tenure of your business.

Handling Retirement or Resignation Properly

First, you’ve got to have a contingency plan in place from the time you begin your company until someone like a tech admin resigns. Not every business has this foresight, there’s always time to prepare, and tech pros can help advise you. Regardless of how far along you’ve progressed in this area, the following three tips will apply to the situation of a tech admin who has retired, resigned, or been let go for other reasons:

  • Document Everything Properly
  • External Companies Can Help With Support Requests
  • Assure You Remove Previous Admin Access and Secure a Replacement Fast

Document Everything Properly

It’s important to be sure you carefully document all duties, responsibilities, and activities of a manager in your company who handles technology. There will likely be some means of doing so and establishing such documentation protocols initially is best. If you haven’t yet, then now is the time to do so. You can refer to such documentation for new hires. This will help them get up to date more quickly.

External Companies Can Help With Support Requests

Next, engaging with IT services in Dallas helps you to have external companies available immediately to fill the gap if you haven’t prepared in advance. This is likely what you’ll do anyway should a sudden loss of a tech manager happen. You’re going to have tech service requests that continue regardless of whether you’ve got someone hired to handle them, so you need a solution. Other internal employees may be able to help, but unless you can promote them effectively, it’s best to have a third party to work with.

Assure You Remove Previous Admin Access and Secure a Replacement Fast

This is a common move, but in case you miss it: be sure you immediately eliminate admin access should a network administrator or other tech managers at your company leave suddenly. You don’t want a disgruntled ex-employee messing with your data. Also, this is a no-brainer but it’s worth mentioning: find a replacement for your lost tech manager as fast as you can, within reason.

Filling the Gap

Technagy provides IT services in Dallas and strongly suggests removing admin access, replacing tech managers quickly, working with external companies, and documenting everything properly in the wake of a vacated tech administrator. Contact us today to learn more.



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