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Understanding MaaS: Safeguarding Your Business in Dallas From Next-Gen Threats with IT Support Services

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What is MaaS?

When it comes to IT support providers in Dallas, one of the most important roles they play will be administering cybercriminal protection. Firewalls, antivirus programs, and the like all play their part. Unfortunately, cybercriminals find ways around such conventional protections as best they can. To that end, Malware as a Service (MaaS), a cloud-based means of digital theft and more, is a huge threat.

How to Protect Your Business Against MaaS

IT support experts in Dallas highly suggest taking a few specific steps to help you protect your business from MaaS. Consider these tips:

  • Work With External Companies for More Efficient Vulnerability Management
  • Design a Multi-Pronged Security Approach Beyond Firewalls
  • Assure Potential Attack Services Are Exceptionally Visible

Work With External Companies for More Efficient Vulnerability Management

To start, you need to know where you’re actually vulnerable. Sometimes this can be hard to determine from an internal perspective. Exterior perspectives may reveal where MaaS attacks could find a foothold across the surface area of your network. Tech support through the pros can be very effective in this area, as they provide “penetration tests”.

Design a Multi-Pronged Security Approach Beyond Firewalls

In addition to firewalls, antivirus, and the like, you want to have a multi-pronged security approach that can handle unexpected breaches. Network compartmentalization is a good move. Basically, should something totally compromise one portion of your network, with compartmentalization, you can immediately “cordon off” that digital area. Then you only lose one “node” in your network, rather than the whole thing.

Assure Potential Attack Services Are Exceptionally Visible

Something else you want to do is monitor network operations as continuously as possible to determine where there might be anomalous activity indicating a potential MaaS attack. Since MaaS is cloud-based, hackers have resources comparable to a traditional cloud at their beck and call.

Basically, clouds exponentiate digital capability, so it’s very important you identify such an attack as soon as possible. Tech companies can help you design your network, so all relevant portions are immediately visible at a moment’s notice.

Generally, it’s a good idea to have monitoring capability like this, and the more sensitive your data is, the truer that tends to be. Outsourcing monitoring of your network to the pros is certainly advisable.

Better Protection Against MaaS

IT support companies in Dallas like Technagy can help you design your network for visibility as a means of helping you catch and contain a MaaS attack before it causes too much damage. Compartmentalization of your network is also helpful in such containment. Finally, external companies can help you facilitate the most robust anti-MaaS security. Contact us for more information.



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